About Me

In 2005, I moved halfway across the world to Taipei, Taiwan. I figured, I needed a way to keep friends and family afar updated on my life. Writing personal emails to everyone was too time-consuming and too repetitive. I still write individual emails from time to time, but my journal @ LiveJournal has been regularly updated so people know what’s going on in my life. It’s also a place where I put my thoughts down. Some are personal and therefore locked private, just for me. Someday, when I’m ready, perhaps I’ll unlock those entries.

In July 2008, three years after I started my journal @ LiveJournal, I decided I needed a new online home and found this site. I think, with all that wordpress has to offer, perhaps this blog will be my new journal & blog. As it is a continuation of my first blog started in LiveJournal, this blog is dubbed “The Sequel”.

If you happen to cross paths on my journal, please do drop me a line.



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  1. 毓珊!!!

    然後她好容易就從Gloria給她的info裡 找到妳的blog給我 haha =D


    妳如果有Facebook 就趕快把我加進去吧(我應該是唯一一個Joella Huang)
    要是沒有 趕快申請!!! xD
    好多年過去了 等不及想和妳catch up呢 =D

    Joella ^^

    • 哈囉哈囉~

      那兩個漂亮姊妹 Esther & Rebecca
      也聊起妳 但我沒有妳的聯絡方式


  2. 真不好意思 留了一篇很激動的留言 然後就不見了 @@
    卻忘了留email 我先留我的 等妳空留個言給我吧
    很多話還是信上說方便 =)

    看來妳過的很好 很替妳開心說 ^^
    我也還不錯 只是忙到白頭髮都跑出來了(給我一個很好的藉口砸錢去染髮 xD)
    希望能再多跟妳聊聊 聯絡

    我的email. joellahuang@yahoo.com

    Joella =)

    • lol
      maybe that’s why i went to the hair salon
      last month, i got a haircut, cut real short
      then colored, too.

  3. Hi, Yusan!!!
    How are you doing?
    I know that you participate in postcrossing, since we sent you a postcard, and it’s been expired already 😦
    Could you please check if there is an envelope from Ukraine in your mailbox, and if possible, register our card!
    It’s not in registration, but in what we wrote you 🙂

    Looking forward to your early reply!

    • I apologize for the late registration. In fact, since June I’ve been in and out of the hospital for surgeries. Since then, I’ve returned home to rest and have not returned to work yet. My mailbox is located near my work place, and I won’t be able to access it until late this month or early next month. I will register the your postcard and everyone else’s when I am able to open my mailbox. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Hi Yusan,
    I have sent you a Postcrossing card already more than 100 days ago, and now I happened to check this site. I’m sorry to learn that you have gone through some surgeries, and I hope that you are all right by now. I guess you have two cards from me waiting when you’ll able to open your mailbox again. 🙂
    I wish you all the best.
    Brita from Finland.

    • I’m doing much better, thank you. I have received both of your cards. Now included in my collection.

  5. Happy New Year!

    • Happy new year to you, too!
      All the best to you!

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