Kitty’s wedding favours~ Part II

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Miniture cone-like chocolates bundled up just for Kitty's wedding. In total, there were 90+ prepared, and all gone in a matter of minutes when she and her husband entered the second time.



Kitty’s wedding favours~ Part I

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Close up of Kitty's Wedding favours. Stickers printed specificly for their wedding, with bride and groom's names and wedding date.

In prep for Kitty’s wedding happening two weeks later, all of us close friends have chipped in our talents to assist in the wedding.

Betty started making batches of soap to be wrapped as wedding favours for guests. She started working on that as early as summer. She took the time to do up different flavors and different colors and invidually labeling each one for guests to know the ingredients of the handmade soap.

Wedding favours for Kitty's wedding~

As I enjoy giftwrapping, my task was to touch up with wrapping. It’s time consuming, but I enjoyed the process. I’ve taken a few photos of the wedding favours to share with you all.

Jenny was in charge of helping choose the dresses for the photo shoot. I tagged along to keep them smiling during the photo shoot.

Then, a couple weeks ago, we went to choose the wedding dresses for the ceremony and reception. Jenny and I both picked out our bridesmaid dresses also~

Last night I completed my major task; I wrapped all the wedding favours. I haven’t counted, but I now have three boxes full.

Katy’s reception

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Elegant table setting at the reception~

This fall, I have at least three weddings to attend. Katy’s the first of the three. I know Katy from the cram school as we both teach. With a similar education background, we became quite good friends. I was honored when she invited me to be part of the video recording to be played for the wedding. Her wedding ceremony actually took place in YiLan, so I attended only the wedding reception in Taipei. It took place at Denwell, a really nice setting in DaZhi.

Due to this being the reception only, and the wedding dress was worn on the wedding day a week ago, she chose another beautiful dress to wear for the reception. I captured a photo of her just before the reception.

Bride in beautiful dress

In Taiwan, the bride has to change dresses so here’s the photo of Katy and her beloved in her second dress of the day.

The Newlyweds~


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10/9, 10/23, 11/13 分別有三場要參加



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淡淡的妝 華麗多樣的禮服



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今天睡醒時 朋友來電 相約吃飯
身旁多了個他 看著她甜甜的笑容

and vice versa



Haven’t posted in a while

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So, I haven’t posted in a while. Basically ’cause of my limited access to the internet.

From mid to end of December, I was scheduled to do my annual housesitting in Xizhi. Millie went along with me. On 12/30, I got news that an aunt on my father’s side was ill and hospitalized. So, Millie stayed in Xizhi, and I went to stay with my cousin each night. Since then, I’ve only been home on Saturday nights as I have a class the next morning and my cousin will have a friend or other cousin go stay with her.

I had limited access to internet from Jenny’s, but basically no internet access from my cousin’s. Therefore, resulting in only very few posts lately.

I’m beginning to feel sleep deprived, as I’m not getting enough sleep and rest. Can you imagine, a junior high school student has to be at school by 7:15am and doesn’t get home until 10:00pm? Thus, I end up starting my day way earlier than normal and also commuting farther and longer than usual. The new Sunday morning class doesn’t help in this case either.

I’m feeling lost without Millie and even more frustrated that I can’t even visit with her. My friends say if I visit her and play with her and then leave her there again, she’ll feel abandoned again. I’ve already left her on her own with Jenny’s family. I know she’s well taken care of, but I can’t help feeling low about it.

Furthermore, I’m sad each time I think of the fact that W is going away for work. Three years is not short. How I wish we could spend more time together now also before he leaves, but between his and my full schedule, we’re having a hard time meet up these days.

I woke up with a pounding headache this morning. Took a tylenol but that didn’t seem to help much. It got me through the morning, but by afternoon I was getting dizzy. I left a few hours early to come home and rest. I took and another tylenol, drank lots of water and also remembered to take my iron supplement. I’m not sure which of the above (or many all) helped, but I just woke up from a nice long “nap” and now must head across town to my cousin’s. I am feeling a lot better than most of today.

Now, what?

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我該怎麼辦? 這是考驗我嗎?
昨天你說 你們公司的開會結果你要去大陸工作
這一去 就三年 農曆年後就走了  
三年 這是考驗我嗎


if you wanna know, why it’s such a test for me
it’s because it’s everything I’m against
I’m against long-distance relationships
I’m against internet dating
I don’t want to go to China
I don’t even know how often you will be back
and will you even be in Taipei?
with your hometown being down south and all


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Carolyn介紹了這家 呂桑食堂


他說 換我決定

很期待 很開心 因為這是我們第一個Christmas together

Year End Letter

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December 2009

Dear Friends,

Seasons’ Greetings from Taipei! Once again, the past year has flown by so quickly! I’ve now been in Taipei for almost five years. Hard to imagine! I thought I’d write and give an update on my past year.

Early this year in early March, I was able to make it home to BC for a quick one week trip. It was nice to visit with my family and few friends. How I wish I had more time to visit with all my friends while there.

I was very fortunate to be able to spend my birthday with my family as well. In the past few years that I’ve been in Taipei, my birthday was always away from home.

Spring and summer went by quickly as I begun focusing on work again. I also put more focus on my French lessons. Over the past few years, off and on, I had been taking French lessons after work, but with my own busy lifestyle, it was hard to concentrate and study French continuously. I often took breaks between sessions and with limited practice not much progress was made. Since early summer, I’ve been taking lessons consistently twice a week, 3hrs each night. I feel more comfortable also with speaking up to people compared with before.

This fall, I’ve also had a few friends visit me from BC. It was fun to spend time with them as my annual trips to BC were too packed for me to spend quality time with everyone. While friends were visiting, I was also able to do some touring of most of northern Taiwan along with them during these visits.

What else is new in my life? The cat I was boarding for a friend has gone home. His owner returned from military service and took him home.

Since June, I’ve had a dashchund. She was given to me by a friend of a friend. I call her Millie, and she’s the most adorable little puppy. She’s supposed to be full grown now as she’s over a year old, but she’s small in size (approx 4kg) and still has a childish temperament.

What else is new in my life? I also have a boyfriend. His name is Wilson, and I think he’s really sweet. We’re making plans for him to visit BC the next time I fly home for a visit. He’s met some of my relatives here in Taipei and many of my friends, but has yet to meet my family.

How is everything going for you and your family? I enjoy hearing from you all even though I don’t write as often. Please continue to follow up also on my life in Taiwan on my online journal at I’d love to hear from you, too! I look forward to getting pictures, notes, emails, etc from you all. How I wish I could be home for Christmas!

Wishing you and your family blessings of happiness, health and prosperity for the holidays and coming new year!

With Love,


A Luxurious Girls’ Day Out

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On Dec 10, our morning began with a visit to the hair salon in Neihu. Gloria said she wanted to get highlights, and Jenny highly recommended her hairstylist Codoco. After a quick stop at MOS Burgers to pick up some brunch for us, we showed up at the hair salon shortly after 11am. In the end, we totally pampered ourselves. We both got our hair highlighted and got pedicures done while there.

Gloria’s hair was highlighted with a tint of toffee color. I don’t know the formal name of the color, but it’s really nice. I got mine highlighted with a dark reddish wine color.

I’ve never had pedicures done before so it was interesting to watch as the lady touched up our toes. I thought about getting a manicure while there but then decided I would do my own. So now I have lavender color toes nails and a glittery pink fingernails.

Thursday, Dec 10 also happened to be Gloria’s birthday. My treat for her was a room night at the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei with a voucher . The voucher was valid for one room night in the EXECUTIVE SUITE. It’s HUGE. The original cost of the room would be NT30,000 + service charges etc for one room night. (Not sure how much that is? CA$1,000 give or take). However, I didn’t pay nearly as much. I got it in exchange for a donation I made back in August to assist those unfortunate ones who lost their homes when Typhoon Morakot swept by southern Taiwan.

We went to dinner at Bellini’s. Wilson joined us for the lovely birthday day dinner. We chose Bellini because of the convenience of location as it’s close to the hotel. And also mainly because Bellini offers a really special birthday dessert afternoon. (I had been there before on such occasions). It was nice to sit back and enjoy dinner with Wilson and Gloria. Wilson was a bit tired but sweet to take time off from work to celebrate Gloria’s birthday with us. It also gave Gloria an opportunity to get to know him a bit better in person.

After dinner, the three of us walked back to the hotel together. Since it was her birthday, the hotel had room service bring us a heart shaped cheesecake with topping for her birthday. In order to remember the event and place, we took photos around the suite.


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有人說 我現在看來很幸福
一個寵我 一個被我寵

地點在萬里 VIP團的第一站


This is Wilson, Millie and I walking along the coast in Wanli, northern Taiwan. We didn't know when this photo was taken. The girls were walking behind us and took this shot to capture the moment. Photo by Gloria. Dec 8 2009.

很喜歡這一張 因為它令我想到跟W的一段對話
看著人來人往的 許多人牽著狗狗
我跟W說 我也想養狗
我問他 假如我養狗他願不願意帶牠出去玩
W說 不要 但是他要帶我們一起出去玩~

VIP團出遊了–北海岸, 野柳, 福隆, 宜蘭羅東

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Gloria來之前 我們就開始討論
然後請W當的personal tour guide
於是週二12/8 我們一行人 五人一狗出去玩了

計畫了一日遊 從萬里金山開始玩

沿途講解 沿途告訴我們附近相關傳說與典故
我們的活動有靜態的(比如欣賞風景, 試吃當地的食物)也有動態的(比如在福隆騎腳踏車, 在野柳散步)
在福隆 連米粒也有去騎腳踏車喔 她坐在腳踏車的籃子裡 很安分的一直看著在騎車的我
沿途我們有說有笑 一路走走停停玩到宜蘭羅東 逛逛羅東夜市之後再走雪山隧道回台北

回到台北我們問W 是不是平常帶的團都是這樣
他搖頭說 平常的沒有這麼多景點 這麼多介紹
呵呵 原來我們是VIP團~

Gloria 後來說
相處過後 覺得W不錯喔

天冷了 吃火鍋

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最近好忙 忙到白天都沒時間忙裡偷閒

W也忙 接近年底了他們工作也更忙碌
想說簡單吃就好 畢竟他忙
他說天冷了 適合吃火鍋

喜歡跟W吃飯 因為他會讓我點很多東西
喜歡看他吃飯 因為什麼看起來都好吃
更喜歡吃飽了 挽這他的手臂靜靜的聊天

我們聊很多 東南西北聊
聊工作, 米粒, 家人, 及我想搬家的事等等
之前他答應當導遊 今天他就分享著我們的旅遊計畫
他排的行程我還滿喜歡 很期待喔~
(其他成員指Gloria, Gloria的堂妹, 貓咪)


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12/6 要去接機 Gloria將抵達台灣

12/7 跟坤玲會合 我們出遊去

12/8 W排假當我們的專屬導遊
野柳, 北海岸, 也許也去宜蘭吧

12/9 我前主管來 要聚餐
其他時間就跟 Gloria 趴趴走

12/10 有壽星喔~

12/11 check out 以後 越南美食 享用午餐
之後 享受去 有人說要做臉
嗯 那我們就去spa 一下
晚上Gloria 約了朋友們吃飯

12/12 Gloria 回南投

12/16起 米粒跟我接了 housesitting & dogsitting 的case
也利用那段時間 會安排米粒去結紮
剛好我上幾天班 把她安排在獸醫那裡受照顧


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每逢家族聚餐 我都會問你 那你要一起來嗎
你有空 你就會跟一起參加
在桌子底下你會牽著我的手 時而按摩著我的每一隻手指
讓我知道你雖然看似在專心吃飯 心思想著我


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而且是fullsize的 不是mini的喔


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坦白說 回台灣這幾年 我很怕過節
每次過節 大家都開始計畫著回家
只有我不知道要去哪裡 雖然親戚很歡迎
朋友也相邀 去了總是feel out of place
之前沒男友 大家只覺得我沒地方去
有了男友 大家都assume我應該跟他回他家
不是我不想去 而是我不希望 要我開口要求

另外 我也討厭被拿來比較

邊吃邊聊邊拍照 (兩個套餐各八道我們都拍了)
只為了要陪我慶祝中秋 我不該感動嗎?

因為即使在遠方 他還是會關心我
確定我有計畫 而不是自己悶在家

哇! 一年了~

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哇! 時間過的真快

一年前 偶然認識了你
一年以來 對你的認識了解 一點一滴的增加
從陌生 到認識 從不熟 到交往

對於未來 很多期待~

Snap shot of us at Jo's wedding -- August 19, 2009.  Photo by Betty.

Snap shot of us at Jo's wedding -- August 19, 2009. Photo by Betty.

Labour Day Long Weekend

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Yesterday, Monday, the office was closed and I also took today off. Originally the plan was to do some local traveling, but with the typhoon disaster and all, Kitty and I decided instead to donate our travel budget for those in need. I figured since I have a busy weekend with new classes and all, I might as well keep the extra day off today.

So what have I done all weekend?

Saturday I had an afternoon class. It’s a new one that just started. It’s quite long though–four and a half hour long in fact. There are 10 classes in the session, so this will keep me busy til early November. It was a great class though. Not too many students but they were all very cooperative and willing to try.

On Sunday morning, I taught a two hour GEPT class to a mini group of three students. This one will happen regularly for Saturday and Sunday mornings for the next month or so. The regular group class didn’t open, but the students still wanted to get together to prepare for the exam which takes place mid October. Definitely a different way of running a GEPT class.

Sunday afternoon, I dozed off at home while waiting for W to get off work. We then met up with Jo, who will be leaving for the US in roughtly two weeks. We had great time together. We met up at Jenny’s and as always, had a feast. Didn’t get to chat with Jenny much though cause she was away when we arrived. When she finally showed up, she was so busy that we weren’t able to visit with her.

Millie was so funny! I had put her on the chair next to me, and she kept wiggling her way onto W’s lap. She just knows he’ll pamper her. Later, Jo and I took her for a mini walk in the parking lot, and I hid from her sight. She got frantic and kept leading Jo in circles trying to find me. When she finally found me, she was so excited and kept jumping up and down just like when I come home from work each day.

Monday and today I slept in quite late. In the afternoon, I worked on my fall cleaning. LOL. It’s nice to take the time off with nothing to do. That way I can work on tidying up my place. It tends to get messy as I’m dead tired after a long day of work and class afterwards.

Monday evening was my last French class for the session. It’ll be a month or so before the next one begins. But that will give me some break as I’m busier at the cram school this month. I look forward to French class again soon.

This evening, I went did placements tests again for the cram school. While there, I met a former colleague, Zack, who had been away for two years. What a nice surprise! He said he’d stop by to visit again soon.

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