Going home tomorrow

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Praise report~

After a full week in the hospital, we’re going home. I say “we’re” ’cause mom’s been with me the full time I was here, worried nuts.

Today, we got some good news from the doc. The results came back and nothing’s spread beyond the uterus, which was removed. My ovaries, however, were not removed in Friday’s surgery.

I had asked to see a photo of what was removed from me and the doc was really nice in explaining it all to me. I could clearly see the tumor which had showed up the MRI and not before.

Today, the labs were able to confirm no spread. I forgot the technical term. I still have follow up check ups in future months to come, but for now they’ve comfirmed the cancerous cells and tumor were limited within the uterus only. Pray that it stays that way. Don’t want anymore cancer in me!


Post surgery update

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I haven’t posted anything since my Friday afternoon surgery. Pretty much because I was still kinda out of it. I recall waking up following the surgery with a hot temper. I was sweating hot and people were trying to bury me in blankets. The people at a nearby station were discussing matters that didn’t interest me and I felt like yelling at them to hush.

Friday night was harsh. as I felt lots of pain from surgery and also very heavy in the chest area making it hard to breathe. I was up most of the night aside from when I was on painkillers. I was given two shots in total that night so I could sleep. Somewhere in the night, the nurse put my on oxygen to and kept reminding me to practice taking deep breaths. Seems like due to surgery, and tube sent down my throat, my lungs were “lazy” and “collapse” so I needed to work on taking deep breaths to “inflate” it again.

Saturday, I was in pain still, but doable without more painkillers. I still had my IV drip, my oxygen tube and also urine tube on me. Doc encouraged me to try walking to get my intestines back in working order as soon as possible. With so many tubes on me, that was impossible. But I did try to slide off the bed and stand a moment or two.

Sunday morning, I requested that they took the urine tube off me so I could make attempts to walk short distances, eg, to the bathroom. Basically, I was able to go without the extra oxygen tube so that was a relief too. Deep breaths were still kinda painful though. It’s also like trying to learn to swim for the first time, but not really knowing the breathing pattern.

Doc allowed me to drink small amounts of water so I was soon off of my IV drip too. But the biggest problem was all the gas was still stuck in me. I needed to fart, but none would come. Finally, last night i let out some gas. But my tummy still churns a lot. Imagine someone trying to wring all your intestimes together. At least that’s how I feel. Not fun at all!

I haven’t eaten much at all, and haven’t really been hungry either. I just pick at my food to make sure I’m eating something. I know I have to, regardless I’m not feeling hungry.

Nowadays, I have to wear a band around my waist to support it, but I feel like it’s rubbing in my skin. Ouch! Other than that I’m recovering well from my surgery.

Doc says we are waiting for final results from the lab. We hope that the cancerous cells have not spread beyond my uterus. In the future there will be more follow up tests to follow up as well. Please continue to pray for quick recovery and no spread of cancerous cells.


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當下覺得 好怪喔 難不成有什麼別人不能聽到的嗎

後來醫生看著我說 一點也不樂觀
結果是malignancy 子宮內膜癌

知道結果後 我整整的哭了兩天

下一步我要做的是MRI 核磁共振


Praise Update

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Earlier I put up a prayer request for my aunt who is hospitalized due to kidney problems. Today, she’s able to go home but will be a frequent visitor to the hospital. Her daughter, whom I’ve been staying with for the past two weeks plus, is quite happy mom is finally coming home. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

I’m going home, too. I’m gonna go pick up Millie after work and move back to our tiny little suite again. Oh, how I’ve missed her so!


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把米粒也帶去 米粒像在度假

原定計畫週四 12/31下了班去帶她還有我的行李回台北
說伯母住院了 希望我能去陪最小的堂妹
小女生14歲了 但是家裡都沒人
所以從12/30晚上起 我外宿在北投堂妹家

一切順利 就能先出院

也為堅強的小堂妹代禱 我想她是瞬間要長大了

Latest update on “Fifty”

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Over half a year ago, I posted a series of prayer requests regarding a massage therapist whom I know. Click here to read previous posts.

This time I’m posting to give a praise report as well. As of Oct 1, “Fifty” is back on duty. The accident has taken its toll, leaving him blind in one eye and with a limp, but he’s mobile and back at work. Please continue to pray for him as he continues to recover. Pray for strength and energy as that will be much needed to work fulltime again.

Disasterous typhoon

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The past typhoon that swept by on August 8th was disasterous. In Taipei, it’s seemed ok. It rained and if I had my door open I could hear the wind howling. My place is kinda tucked away with surrounding buildings, when indoors, the wind doesn’t bother me as much.

But down south, there has been major major damage. Please keep southern Taiwan in your prayers. Some of the damage includes:

Broken Bridges:
I read in the news that several bridges broke with cars swept away in the mad rushing water. It’s so sad. Some were able to call saying they dropped into the water and were never heard from again. The next afternoon’s news indicated that some of cars had been located.

Major Flooding:
In many areas, flooding cause water damage and wiping out fields and fields of crops. A friend of mine said her uncle’s whole corn field is gone. No more to harvest. In some places, the flooding has caused the water to be muddy and murk therefore people left with no drinking water.

Major Mudslides:
In some remote areas, there were mudslides and some villiages swept away with the mudslide. It’s so sad and devastating.

Helicoptor Down, Rescuers Lost:
Amist all of these incidents, the saddest to hear was that a rescue helicoptor and it’s three pilot, co-pilot and crewman on board were lost and bodies later found. These were the ones bring hope to those being rescued and yet due to poor conditions, they lost their battle with the weather.


On the other hand, there has been good news, too. News that give people hope!

A young elementary school teacher saved the kids at her school because she was not willing to give up hope. Although the cellphone signal was very very weak, she kept trying to text the outside world if their location and situation.

Two dogs who usually romp around in the mountains were able to lead a group of as many as forty survivors to safe highlands.

A large group of the thought to be swept away villagers were found hiding in a tunnel and later rescued because someone called a friend in another city. Rescuers later found and brought these to safety.

The Post Office announced that until the 20th of August, any care parcel, destinated for the RED CROSS in the affected areas would be shipped free of cost.

Fundraisers have raised money for the those in need. My company particiapated in three ways.
1) We had a silent auction raising money for the RED CROSS.
2) We donated money directly.
3) We put together care parcels for those unfortunate down south.


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Further Update on “Fifty”

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Follow-up update on “Fifty”.  Click here to read past posts about “Fifty”.

I received a call from one of his coworker’s saying “Fifty” is now out of the hospital and recovering at home.  Those that have visited him in person say his condition has improved a lot.  Please continue to pray for him as it is still a long recovery process for him.

Follow-up on “Fifty”

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This post is a follow-up on the earlier prayer request for “Fifty”.

On Wednesday evening, I talked with one of his coworkers.  At the time of my conversation with the coworker, he mentioned that “Fifty” has been transfered out of the ICU.  He went through surgery again all day Tuesday to reconstruct facial features including his nose and the bones around his eye.  His eye which was said to be blind now has limited visibility.   He also underwent surgery for his broken leg.  Because he was just out of surgery, he was still mostly out of it and cannot eat anything yet.

Prayer request for “Fifty”

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On Monday, I heard some terrible news.  A massage therapist that I know, nicknamed “Fifty”, was in a terrible accident.  Last I heard, he’s still in ICU.  He’s injured pretty badly.  From what I’ve gathered so far:

1. He injured his head and is bleeding internally.

2. He ruptured his spleen and has been operated on already.

3. He broke his leg, but I’m not sure to what extent.

4. One of his eyes is blind now.

I feel for him especially since he’s helped me a lot in my recovery.  He cheers me on, encouraging me a lot. 

Please keep him in your prayers.

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