Busy, busy bumble bee

June 3, 2012 at 5:06 pm | Posted in 隨便說/Random Thoughts, 心情筆記/Journal | 2 Comments

These days, I’m a busy, busy bumble bee. Aside from my full time day job, I currently teach a writing and speaking test prep class; meaning, I have lots of stuff to mark.  On top of all that, I’ve been busy trying to fit time in to prep for an oral test. 

Last Friday morning, I attended Tony, my former colleague’s, funeral.  It was a very touching and soothing Catholic memorial service.  Tears welled as we watched the images of Tony and his family, colleagues, and friends played on the big screen and listened to stories of Tony remembered.

Yesterday, I attended the oral test for tour guide license.  I was quite nervous, but we’ll see how that went pretty soon.

Today, attended an afternoon tea event hosted by a church cell group.  I guess it’s the first social event I’ve attended in long long time.



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  1. 太太太太好了!!!!! 耶穌愛妳!!!! 我們也都愛妳!!! 繼續加油!!!

    • 下週起不回哪麼忙

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