Sad News

May 15, 2012 at 7:27 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | 2 Comments

Last Thursday, I arrived at work to great shock. One of our colleagues, Tony, had passed away in his sleep the night before. He leaves behind his widow and two grown-up children. It has been almost week now since his death, and colleagues often share vivid memories of him.

As part of the admin team, we often had to work together. He was a good friend and will be well remembered. He was like a big brother although he was old enough to be my father. He loves to cook and was very generous. He often would bring me a small portion of something his family made over the weekend. For tradition holidays such as Chinese New Year, he’d invite me over as he felt it wasn’t right to spend holidays alone.



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  1. 那天在臉書上看到周貝蒂寫的Tony好走,內容我不敢肯定她寫的是紀念他,因為你沒有同樣的訊息,因此,就更不好意思去回應.這個名字常聽你說起,我相信我也看過他,只是不能確定是哪個,願 神祝福他的家人,平靜安穩的離世回到主的懷裏是多麼幸福美好的,只是對於他的家人在無預警下被迫與他離別那是椎心的痛.我們基督徒相信,這只是短暫的離別,將來大家在天家都要再見的.安慰他的妻子.

    • 嗯~ 你應該有見過,我也確實常提起他

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