Year 2011 is coming to an end!

December 29, 2011 at 8:47 pm | Posted in 醫路手札/Road to Recovery, 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 心情筆記/Journal | 2 Comments

Hard to believe, but the year 2011 has flown by in a flash. A lot has happened, good things and great challenges. Originally planned to have some friends over for New Year’s Eve but that has been cancelled. I’ll prob take Millie up to the roof top to see the Taipei 101 fireworks. I haven’t seen them although I’ve lived in Taipei for several years now. The building I live in now is close enough to see the fireworks from the roof top.

Christmas Eve I spent in Taoyuan at Hannah & Rick’s wedding. It had a touch of Christmas with Santa suited groomsmen and cute bridesmaids with Rudolph antlers. It had modern touch with the bride and groom updating their facebook status to married at the wedding banquet. At the wedding, we wrote on note cards of blessings for the newlywed, and somehow my card got drawn, so I got a gift from them.

On Christmas Day, I woke up early and went to church with a collegue. He and his church had prayed for me and even stopped to visit me when I was in the hospital. It was a small church but I think the most amazing thing is, they sang my favorite song. Everything else that was sung were Christmas songs, such as Silent Night, Hark the Herald etc. But then they sang my favorite, 愛 我願意! That has always been my favorite song and it always touches me deeply. Imagine how I felt seeing it listed on the program that day.



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  1. 太棒了! 聖誕夜我在家烤火雞喔! 這次考得很成功, 爸爸和妹妹都說好吃, 我們吃到今天還在吃, 因為實在太大隻了, 雖然吃了幾天, 但還是意猶未盡呢! 下回妳回來,我再烤讓妳也嚐嚐看. 西洋口味中式烤法的喔! 新年快樂!

    • 呵呵~

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