A special student in my Friday / Saturday class

December 19, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Posted in 醫路手札/Road to Recovery, 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 寵物雜記/Pet Tales, 心情筆記/Journal | 1 Comment

In my weekend class the past few weeks, I’ve had two very special students. This beautiful Lab is a full-time guide dog, and she comes to class with her owner who is blind. For privacy reasons, I won’t list out their names.

Here she is sitting nice and tall for a photo. It was raining that day, so she had a rain coat on.

Below is her usual in-class position. She snaps into position as soon as her owner prepares to stand up.

Guide dogs aren’t very common in Taiwan yet, and there are only as few as 28 licensed guide dogs in Taiwan, according to the Taiwan Guide Dog Association.

It was such an encouragement to meet the pair of them. To be honest, after being sick and in recovery most the summer, I’ve been trying to pull my life together; I struggle sometimes, not knowing what’s next. Each doctor appointment feels like an unset timebomb. But compared to this special student, my issues sure are minor.


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  1. 心情開朗很重要,相信 神掌管一切,對自己有信心,對醫生有信心,對 神有信心,那是一體的,擔心不能成就事情,好好的站起來與 神同工,才能戰勝一切,榮耀主名. 加油! 孩子, 我們都和妳站在一起爭戰,為妳禱告 神,勇敢的堅強的站立.和主一起打那美好的仗.耶穌愛妳,我們也愛妳.

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