Locked in!

November 23, 2011 at 5:47 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | 4 Comments

今早好慘~ 被反鎖在屋內 好不容易出了門又摔了一跤! 還好只是有點淤青.

I had a poor start for the day! First, my morning began with myself locked in my own place. Long story short, a friend had to come save me. I had my spare and had to throw it down 11 stories to her, so she could unlock me.

Then as I was walking to work, just before I got to the office, right in front of the office, I slipped and landed on bum. Good thing I land on my left side as it was my right knee that’s still kinda fragile. Don’t know how, but somehow I still ended up bruising up the inner side of my right knee. No other damages.



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  1. 那很驚天動地喔! 確定腳沒受傷嗎?有空就給我電話吧!

    • 沒什麼大礙

  2. 把自己關起來+摔跤,這早上真不是妳的早上耶……沒事就好!

    • 嗯 沒大礙的

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