Going home tomorrow

July 13, 2011 at 10:19 pm | Posted in 醫路手札/Road to Recovery, 心情筆記/Journal, 代禱事項/Prayer Requests | 6 Comments

Praise report~

After a full week in the hospital, we’re going home. I say “we’re” ’cause mom’s been with me the full time I was here, worried nuts.

Today, we got some good news from the doc. The results came back and nothing’s spread beyond the uterus, which was removed. My ovaries, however, were not removed in Friday’s surgery.

I had asked to see a photo of what was removed from me and the doc was really nice in explaining it all to me. I could clearly see the tumor which had showed up the MRI and not before.

Today, the labs were able to confirm no spread. I forgot the technical term. I still have follow up check ups in future months to come, but for now they’ve comfirmed the cancerous cells and tumor were limited within the uterus only. Pray that it stays that way. Don’t want anymore cancer in me!



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  1. dear roni,
    i am glad everything’s going smooth and you are getting well!! can’t wait to have lunch/dinner with you soon!! take care yo 😉

    • Doing lots better. Still very slow motioned, but much better than when you last saw me.

      We definitely have to meet up for lunch or dinner. In a few weeks perhaps?

      • yes. DEFINATELY!! let me know when you are free lor….my mom’s here now for a week..i am so happy…miss my family so much…but sigh..she can only stay for one week >.<
        ohoh..btw…i got a new job at HP…will start in two weeks…so if you happen to be free during the next two weeks..feel free to call me or text me anytime lor~~~miss chatting with ya 🙂

        • congrats girl on the new job!
          you trying to keep yourself busy busy eh?
          nice to know your mom is here with you. try to spend extra time with her oh!
          i’m still on leave for another two weeks. you’re welcome to stop by my place to visit.

          • thx thx~~
            my mom will only stay for one week as she plans to use the rest 3 wks vacation in dec for my wedding~~
            if it’s fine with you, i can drop by some time next week to visit you and the princess~~! in the mean time, please make sure u rest lots and lots so u will have energy to chat with me when i go hahahaha…!!!

            • just let me know in advance which day you are coming over. so far my only pre-planned day is my thursday afternoon doc appt.

              i look forward to meeting your mom when she comes next trip then.. enjoy the time with her.

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