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July 11, 2011 at 12:21 pm | Posted in 醫路手札/Road to Recovery, 心情筆記/Journal, 代禱事項/Prayer Requests | 8 Comments

I haven’t posted anything since my Friday afternoon surgery. Pretty much because I was still kinda out of it. I recall waking up following the surgery with a hot temper. I was sweating hot and people were trying to bury me in blankets. The people at a nearby station were discussing matters that didn’t interest me and I felt like yelling at them to hush.

Friday night was harsh. as I felt lots of pain from surgery and also very heavy in the chest area making it hard to breathe. I was up most of the night aside from when I was on painkillers. I was given two shots in total that night so I could sleep. Somewhere in the night, the nurse put my on oxygen to and kept reminding me to practice taking deep breaths. Seems like due to surgery, and tube sent down my throat, my lungs were “lazy” and “collapse” so I needed to work on taking deep breaths to “inflate” it again.

Saturday, I was in pain still, but doable without more painkillers. I still had my IV drip, my oxygen tube and also urine tube on me. Doc encouraged me to try walking to get my intestines back in working order as soon as possible. With so many tubes on me, that was impossible. But I did try to slide off the bed and stand a moment or two.

Sunday morning, I requested that they took the urine tube off me so I could make attempts to walk short distances, eg, to the bathroom. Basically, I was able to go without the extra oxygen tube so that was a relief too. Deep breaths were still kinda painful though. It’s also like trying to learn to swim for the first time, but not really knowing the breathing pattern.

Doc allowed me to drink small amounts of water so I was soon off of my IV drip too. But the biggest problem was all the gas was still stuck in me. I needed to fart, but none would come. Finally, last night i let out some gas. But my tummy still churns a lot. Imagine someone trying to wring all your intestimes together. At least that’s how I feel. Not fun at all!

I haven’t eaten much at all, and haven’t really been hungry either. I just pick at my food to make sure I’m eating something. I know I have to, regardless I’m not feeling hungry.

Nowadays, I have to wear a band around my waist to support it, but I feel like it’s rubbing in my skin. Ouch! Other than that I’m recovering well from my surgery.

Doc says we are waiting for final results from the lab. We hope that the cancerous cells have not spread beyond my uterus. In the future there will be more follow up tests to follow up as well. Please continue to pray for quick recovery and no spread of cancerous cells.



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  1. Lots of hugs and prayers for your recovery and well being.

    • Thank you. Going home from hospital tomorrow.

      How are you and your family?

      • Family is good. My mom’s sister is visiting so they’ve been going out and doing things. I just started a new job so have been working a lot and getting used to new stuff. Glad you’re headed home and that surgery was successful. Hugs and kisses.

        • Good to know. Pls send my regards and love to your family, too.

  2. 辛苦了!我想你當時所感受到的一定比寫下來的還要更辛苦很多很多,謝謝你分享這一切,你好勇敢!好棒!壞壞細胞會怕你的!


    • 呵~

  3. 女皃:不管再艰難的路妳不但有天上父而且也有地上父與妳同行.加油!!!

    • 我知道

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