Quick day trip to central Taiwan

May 23, 2011 at 9:10 pm | Posted in 行動/Wireless, 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 心情筆記/Journal, 旅遊遊記/Travelogue | 4 Comments

Yesterday, Tia and I headed down to Taichung and Changhua with  relatives to visit an uncle and his family.

On our way, we detoured to a location in Taichung, to visit a lavender field.  There we also bought ice cream.  I got lavender flavor.  It was delicious.

Afterwards, we bought some postcards, which we wrote on site, as the shop offered to mail out free of charge.

We then headed down to Changhua.  Uncle treated us to a grand feast.  It was great to visit with them.



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  1. 在丁妹妹回到加拿大後的第七天,我們終於收到妳和她從薰衣草園寄回來的風景卡.請代為謝謝王麒夫妻的問候.

    • 大姨也有寫一張喔

  2. 今天終於收到了 郵局已經在各地開始罷工了 我們這裡還沒有 但是也快了

    • 大姨知道收到了會很開心的

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