Long weekend in the mountains

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I took Friday morning off from work and headed down to central Taiwan. To be specific, we took the high speed rail to Taichung, where we were met by Gloria’s cousin and uncle. We went to a really nice garden style restaurant near ZhongXing Village. It’s a great little place with a nice little garden. The food was delicately made and displayed nicely in a buffet style. The dogs had fun and were even able to roam around a bit in the garden.

After lunch, we walked along the big road until we came to Gloria’s cousin’s place. Uncle and Aunie were very sweet and kept offering us various home made snacks and home brewed drinks. The plums and tea were especially delicious~

We then walked about Caotun a bit, going in to little boutique shops, here and there. Gloria’s daddy picked us up from the bus station again, and Gloria’s mom welcomed us home with a grand homecooked meal.

Millie gave me quite the scare though as she ran off into the fields all on her own in the dark when I was bathing. I quickly came out after hearing all the commotion, and took off with a flashlight calling out for her in the night. After a scary bit of time, we spotted her in the field and called out to her until she came back. I kept an watchful eye on her the rest of the evening.

We woke to the morning sunlight and then decided to go tomato picking. The tomato plants were loaded with beautiful tomatoes. We later went out on another trip with camera in hand so I could capture some pictures of all the crops around the farm. It was interesting to find spinach growing with the Chinese cabbages.

Millie took off again on another adventure stepping on baby plants. That resulted in her being leashed for the rest of the afternoon. She’s become more and more sure of herself that she feels it’s ok to venture out on her own. What a big NO-NO!


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