February 18, 2011 at 11:29 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | 2 Comments

I have a nagging toothache ’cause I accidentally chipped my tooth. It’s a old one which kinda hollowed out a bit. Long story short, I’m not particularly fond of going to dentists. Last night, I managed to crack it somehow. I couldn’t get an appointment with dentist til tomorrow morning, so now I’ve got a shaky chipped tooth that’s giving me a toothache.

Let’s just hope tomorrow I will feel better than today. I have a feeling they’re gonna have to pull out the chipped part and maybe even the whole tooth. I must say, I haven’t had a shaky tooth in many many years! And I don’t suppose the tooth fairy’s gonna stop by my way~



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  1. 牙齒正痛時,醫生也無法為妳治療,先用冰塊ㄨ在疼痛的部位,讓它先消炎止痛.我曾經用正露丸捏破塗在疼痛牙齒的牙齦周圍,也可以止痛.要試下嗎?

    • The chipped portion has been pulled out. The area near it is still a bit numb from the anesthetic. I was given two painkillers just in case. Next up is I need to make a decision about the rest off the tooth still embedded.

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