I’m on vacation mode

December 21, 2010 at 3:37 pm | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 心情筆記/Journal, 手工皂體驗/Soap & Me, 旅遊遊記/Travelogue | Leave a comment

Basically, since pre-summer, I’ve been busy as ever. With the office move, my home move, starting a new position, working extra hours at the cram school and still trying to find time to fit in my new hobby of soapmaking, I was quite drained out.

Since Dec 9, when I started my vacation, my first week was spent mostly catching up on much lacked sleep. I spent two days in Macau, but other that spending time with Anna and the baby, and dining out, I was asleep for much of my two nights there. I got to see a bit of Macau, but I wasn’t too worried. Afterall, on my last trip there in August 2008, I had toured most of Macau and got to try my hand at the games in the casino.

Two days later, I moved on to come to BC where I am now, but I’ve been sleeping lots, going out occasionally to purchase stuff, or run errands with family. I went out a few times, but since most people have a regular day job or school, I’ve spent more time playing games or just surfing the internet. Luxurious activities I don’t usually have time for.

I miss soapmaking, but have been surfing lots about it. I spent time on sales websites and also youtube just browsing what other fellow soapmakers are making. It was quite the eyeopener! And a great learning experience. I don’t think I could ever do soapmaking a fulltime job, but wouldn’t mind entertaining the idea of actually making some profit on sales. Stilll need to brush up more on my skills though.


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