Kitty’s wedding favours~ Part I

October 11, 2010 at 2:47 pm | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 婚禮小物/Wedding Favours, 封鎖的回憶/Cherished Moments, 心情筆記/Journal, 手工皂體驗/Soap & Me | 4 Comments

Close up of Kitty's Wedding favours. Stickers printed specificly for their wedding, with bride and groom's names and wedding date.

In prep for Kitty’s wedding happening two weeks later, all of us close friends have chipped in our talents to assist in the wedding.

Betty started making batches of soap to be wrapped as wedding favours for guests. She started working on that as early as summer. She took the time to do up different flavors and different colors and invidually labeling each one for guests to know the ingredients of the handmade soap.

Wedding favours for Kitty's wedding~

As I enjoy giftwrapping, my task was to touch up with wrapping. It’s time consuming, but I enjoyed the process. I’ve taken a few photos of the wedding favours to share with you all.

Jenny was in charge of helping choose the dresses for the photo shoot. I tagged along to keep them smiling during the photo shoot.

Then, a couple weeks ago, we went to choose the wedding dresses for the ceremony and reception. Jenny and I both picked out our bridesmaid dresses also~

Last night I completed my major task; I wrapped all the wedding favours. I haven’t counted, but I now have three boxes full.



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  1. 姊,好棒喔!結果我們昨天都沒有幫到忙!>/////<

  2. 想不到Betty已經出師了 手工皂居然那麼有變化 形狀顏色都是那麼漂亮
    愛包裝的小姐 你們兩人合作無間的完成漂亮的禮物
    我也想要一個作記念喔 就是綠色的那個

    • Whoa 好夢幻的肥皂喔

  3. 感謝大家的讚美~

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