Moving Season

August 17, 2010 at 11:52 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | 6 Comments

Our office is relocating. We’re moving to a new building in a commercial area. The office is gonna be even further away from where I currently live.

So, I’ve been comtemplating. Perhaps it’s time to move. A friend called the other day, said her suite which was rented out is looking for a new renter. I’m seriously thinking about moving. It’s within walking distance, say about 25 minutes to my new office. Bus ride would be shorter than that. I’m planning to take a look at the place tomorrow. If I like the place it’ll be my last move before I head off to Canada.

Still pending job offer for the job I applied for, but at the moment I’m in no rush. I have a few weddings to attend this fall. Then, I’ll look into the matter again.

Recruit season is coming up soon. I plan to start another round of applications again soon.



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  1. 如果可以找到溫哥華來的就更好了

    • 我會繼續努力往那方面找的~

  2. 我也覺得寧可搬家也不要把時間花在通勤上

    • that’s exactly how i feel. the new place i’m checking out is within walking distance if i want to walk.

      it also comes with indoor facilities such as swimming pool, gym room etc.

      top floor has room for Millie to roam around, too.

  3. 還有游泳池啊

    • yes, it has a small swimming pool. i haven’t had a chance to use the facilities yet, but i’ve walked to work a few times now.

      millie seems to be taking the new place ok. barks sometimes, but overall behaving.

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