Millie’s Phobia

May 11, 2010 at 10:12 pm | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 寵物雜記/Pet Tales, 心情筆記/Journal | Leave a comment

You know how different people have different phobias and are afraid of certain things. Millie has a phobia, too. You probably wonder, what kind of “phobia” does Millie have?

She’s usually a happy-go-lucky dog who’s always ready for a treat or some attention. She loves going out with me, but recently, she has a “phobia”.

Early May, I took her to the vet’s to get spayed. On the way home, rather than walking or taking the bus, we took a taxi. Two days later, we hopped in a taxi again to go to the vet to get checked out. As soon as the door closed, she started whining. It happened on the way home and on Sunday when I took her to get her stitches removed.

Millie has associated taxis with bad memories. Each time we get in a taxi, she whines and it takes lots of talking to calm her down.


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