Millie vs Sign Language?

April 30, 2010 at 7:05 am | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 寵物雜記/Pet Tales, 心情筆記/Journal | 2 Comments

Recently, I have a new idea. Maybe I should try to incorporate some simple sign language into our lives.

I’ve noticed that Millie responds to certain actions or gestures I make. Maybe I should think of interacting with her more that way. I think she has the potential to learn more. Right now, she knows and responds to three specific gestures.

1. HUSH~
When she used to whine or whimper, usually bacause lonely and left out or because I let , I’d “humph” at her with my index finger at my lips. Gradually, I noticed she would stop whining or whimpering when she saw my finger at my lips motioning her to hush.

2. SIT~
I make Millie sit still before I give her doggy treats. Sometimes she forgets to listen to me so I tap her behind. She soon picked up the idea that when I point at her behind, she has to sit down. It’s so cute, and it always works! My index finger is kinda curved downwards pointing at her behind and she’ll all of a sudden sit down.

3. COME, quick~ (usually for a hug)
Sometimes I find Millie sitting far off on the other side of the room watching me. When I look up, I sometimes call out to her with my arms spread out. She quickly learned that when I spread my arms out at her, even with out calling her name, she’ll come running into my arms as fast as she can.

I haven’t decided what else to teach her, but I really think she has the potential to learn to react to more silent gestures. Feel free to make suggestions!



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  1. 帶米粒上飛機回來的各種資訊也要詢問清楚,早些處裡.

    • 有在注意

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