My Toronto Adventure 3/29~4/1

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I arrived in Toronto on the night of March 29 and flew out first thing on April 1.

For a first timer in Toronto, and travelling all alone, I found the Toronto Subway route very easy to follow. The stations themselves were a bit confusing. Sometimes I’d arrive at a point of interest, follow the stairs up to the road, but would find myself walking out of an office building or an unlabed stairwell to the street. It seemed there wasn’t very obvious signs indicating the entrance way back to the subway stations compared to what I’m used to in Taipei. But once you are in the station, the signs were clear, indicating north or southbound, or east or westbound and to what end station.

My first encounter with the subway station was when I headed for Scarborough from the the hotel I was staying at near the Toronto Pearson Airport. I got the free shuttle which took me to the airport where I found out from the Ground Transportation desk where to buy two Day Passes for my two days in Toronto. Each Day Pass cost CA$10 and was valid for unlimited rides on the bus, subway and even streetcar. It was an undated card which looked like a lottery scratch and win card. You had to put the date on it, and scratch out the month and date of travel.

After validating my Day Pass, I caught the 192 bus, which is nicknamed the Rocket as it connects the airport to the subway line, to Kipling station and made my way to the Kennedy where I transferred to the Scarborough Town Centre on the Scarborough RT. After scouting out the area, I made my way back to the downtown Yonge area, and walked around a bit along the famous and long Yonge Street. I stopped for a mid day snack at Taco Bell’s before going window shopping at the Eaton Centre, a shopping mall on Yonge Street.

While in the the downtown Yonge area, I visited a tourist info booth to discuss my options and what they recommend to see around Toronto. I originally wanted to visit the Niagara Falls also, but due to my limited time in Toronto, it didn’t fit my schedule.

Later, I visited the CN Tower, tallest landmark of Toronto. It was interesting going up there, as I have been up the Taipei 101 in Taiwan. I found the glass floor scary, but watched with interests as other people did funny poses on the floor. Even the elevator had a portion that was see through like the glass floor. I was on that spot on our way down the tower, so I think I got enough of the glass floor experience that I can handle.

After picking up a few postcards of Toronto, I headed back towards Kipling to meet up with former colleague’s sister for dinner. She treated me to Vietnamese Pho. I must say, their serving size is LARGE. Or maybe I felt so since I don’t have a huge appetite. But it was delicious.

The next morning, I was up early and made my way to Scarborough again for my interview. I arrived about an hour early so I settled down for breakfast in the food court of the nearby mall. As I sat there, I browsed through my material again and spent some time thinking how I could best present myself at the interview.

After the interview, I made my way towards, Casa Loma, the castle (house on the hill) that I had read about in the tourist guide. It was an interesting building to see, but it was a pity they were still doing construction, so I decided to only walk around the building but not into the actual building. I read a bit about the history of the building and the outdoor stairs leading up the stairs. I noticed a young girl used that flight of stairs as her workout steps. As I walked up the hill towards Casa Loma, I watched as she marched up and down that flight of stairs at least 10 times. I took a few shots of the building and nearby surroundings and then decided to make my way to the try out the streetcar in Toronto.

When going to the CN Tower the day before, I had noticed when coming out of the Union subway station a separate entrance for the streetcar. I found it interesting as I always thought streetcars ran on the street. I didn’t expect a streetcar underground like the subway.

Leaving Casa Loma, I headed back to the subway, getting off at Spadina, and transferring to the streetcar. I soon found out that only Spadina (starting point) and Union (terminal station) the streetcar goes underground. Afterwards, it travelled along the street, passing by University of Toronto and Chinatown. It went by a marketplace, too, where I thought of getting out to tour around, but then decided to just enjoy the ride. Afterall, I think I had already gotten my share of workout already by walking around town.

From Union station, I transferred back to the northbound subway to go visit Aunt Jenny and her son Jacky in North York. She took me for a walk in North York, showing me around. She invited me for dinner, too, along with Jacky and a friend. While she was cooking, my jetlag caught up with me after I posted a quick note in my blog saying I had arrived in Toronto. I actually fell asleep on the desk in front of the computer monitor.

Aunt Jenny said I was lucky that I didn’t encounter any breakdowns of the subway while I toured around. It seems, the subway sometimes has problems and once he was on the subway on the way to an exam. Yikes~ However, on my return trip towards the hotel, the subway stopped at Jane station and we heard the announcement telling us to get off and take the next. I’m not too sure what exactly happened, but I guess that’s what Aunt Jenny was referring to. It didn’t take long for the next train to arrive, and I headed back to pack and prepare for my early flight the next morning.


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