Year End Letter

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December 2009

Dear Friends,

Seasons’ Greetings from Taipei! Once again, the past year has flown by so quickly! I’ve now been in Taipei for almost five years. Hard to imagine! I thought I’d write and give an update on my past year.

Early this year in early March, I was able to make it home to BC for a quick one week trip. It was nice to visit with my family and few friends. How I wish I had more time to visit with all my friends while there.

I was very fortunate to be able to spend my birthday with my family as well. In the past few years that I’ve been in Taipei, my birthday was always away from home.

Spring and summer went by quickly as I begun focusing on work again. I also put more focus on my French lessons. Over the past few years, off and on, I had been taking French lessons after work, but with my own busy lifestyle, it was hard to concentrate and study French continuously. I often took breaks between sessions and with limited practice not much progress was made. Since early summer, I’ve been taking lessons consistently twice a week, 3hrs each night. I feel more comfortable also with speaking up to people compared with before.

This fall, I’ve also had a few friends visit me from BC. It was fun to spend time with them as my annual trips to BC were too packed for me to spend quality time with everyone. While friends were visiting, I was also able to do some touring of most of northern Taiwan along with them during these visits.

What else is new in my life? The cat I was boarding for a friend has gone home. His owner returned from military service and took him home.

Since June, I’ve had a dashchund. She was given to me by a friend of a friend. I call her Millie, and she’s the most adorable little puppy. She’s supposed to be full grown now as she’s over a year old, but she’s small in size (approx 4kg) and still has a childish temperament.

What else is new in my life? I also have a boyfriend. His name is Wilson, and I think he’s really sweet. We’re making plans for him to visit BC the next time I fly home for a visit. He’s met some of my relatives here in Taipei and many of my friends, but has yet to meet my family.

How is everything going for you and your family? I enjoy hearing from you all even though I don’t write as often. Please continue to follow up also on my life in Taiwan on my online journal at I’d love to hear from you, too! I look forward to getting pictures, notes, emails, etc from you all. How I wish I could be home for Christmas!

Wishing you and your family blessings of happiness, health and prosperity for the holidays and coming new year!

With Love,



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