Millie Sitting Attentively

October 25, 2009 at 11:22 am | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 寵物雜記/Pet Tales, 心情筆記/Journal | 11 Comments


This here is Millie’s latest photo. Also the position I find her in most often lately. I think it resulted from our “sitting” lesson. In order to train her to sit when I want her to, I give a tiny bit of a treat when she does so upon command. But she’s got it in her head it seems that if she sits and waits attentively, she’ll get the treat. How do I tell her to sit when she’s sitting already? Beats me! But doesn’t she look adorable?



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  1. oh, how adorable! I love millie’s brown nose and paws, very distinctive look..

    • thank you~
      i think she’s adorable, too.
      she got her reddish color from her mom.
      she also comes with great temperament.

  2. the take away message for her is she just needs to sit all day long to make a living.

    • i think she would make a great star
      she poses well
      and tends to stay in place

      • exactly..
        she should do modeling…

  3. Millie~~~你好可愛阿!!! ❤ muuuahh!

    • *LOL*


      • Chelsea = 季敏

        • 呵呵 我知道阿

  4. 可愛! 可愛!

    • 呵~ 感謝妳的讚美!
      in person (dog) 更可愛!

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