French Lessons

August 31, 2009 at 11:50 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal, 減重筆記簿/Weight Management | 4 Comments

All of a sudden I realized today that my current French session is coming to an end. The new session doesn’t start right away, but will pretty soon.

Our French brown bag lunch sessions at work will be starting up this week. It takes place every other Thursday at noon. The level is way over my head, but I thought it’d be nice to continue exposing myself to French.

早: 飯團
午: 飯團 + 熱狗
晚: 三角飯團, 茶碗蒸
水: 800
運動: 走路30分



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  1. 這樣的吃法很不健康很不營養ㄟ

    • 我也這樣覺得
      都沒有買菜 沒有煮飯

  2. 我也是這麼覺得
    怎麼 是飯團 飯團 又是飯團呢
    雖然我現在很想吃 有點羨慕妳耶 但也太 high carb and high fat…
    但下次我們一起去吃 好想台灣的飯團喔


    • 會注意啦


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