Getting to know Millie

August 26, 2009 at 11:56 pm | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 寵物雜記/Pet Tales, 心情筆記/Journal | Leave a comment

In the past two months that I’ve had Millie, I’m getting to know her better and better.

At first, I worried that she would be on her own for several hours of the day while I’m at work. But we’ve worked out our own sort of routine. She can tell the difference between the days I have to work and the days I have off.

Monday to Friday, I have to get up early for work so my alarms goes off at around 6:30. As I get ready to leave for work, she watches me silently with a kinda sad look that says, “I know, I know I can’t come with you.”

On weekends or any other day off, we sleep in. Somedays til 9:00, occasionally even til 12:00. We go for a bathroom break and doze off again. Then I take her on an outing. Short ones for brunch, long ones for day trips with other friends. She gets excited as I start gathering her supplies–her out door dish, her leash, her bag, her travel size dog food, toy or chewies etc. She expresses her excitement by dashing back and forth across my living room. Watching her is like watching a miniture horse prance around. It’s so cute!

Millie’s got quite the personality and is quite expressive, too. When I come home after a long day, she wiggles so hard you can hear her broken up breath. If I’m in a sitting position, she can wiggle her way up my lap by sort of pulling her way up.

Then she starts a mad dash back and forth across the room. I really think that’s her way of expressing happiness. If I clap my hands and chant along with her saying something like “So happy, So happy” she goes wilder and sometimes dances in circles around me.

She likes to tease Cha Cha, too. He’ll be lying on the floor and she’ll gallop by and try to nibble his ears or tail. Sometimes she chases after him as he tries to get away from her.

If I pick up Cha Cha, she gets excited and tries to jump on me, as if saying “Me me me, too. Don’t forget me!”

She has her naughty side, too. Sometimes she refuses to eat her kibbles. She expresses that in a few different ways. For example, I give her her bowl of kibbles and she responds as such:

1. She’ll pick them out one at a time and lay them out on the floor. As if she was taking math lessons and learning to count.
2. She’ll turn away from the bowl, usually facing the wall. Sometimes she’ll even put her head down by the bowl, but still she would refuse to eat from it.
3. Or she’d lower her head and nose into the bowl, even touching the kibbles but still no crunching sound.

So we wait and see who gives up first. Usually she does, as after all she’s the one with the hungry stomach. Once she starts picking on her kibbles slowly, I praise her telling her what a good girl she is–AND SHE STARTS EATING FASTER AND FASTER! 😛

I find she’s really quite the character! She likes to type, too. Everytime I’m using the computer she tries to get in the way. Or sometimes she steps right across the keyboard. As a result, if I’m using msn or skype, all the weird typing gets sent across. Anyone confused, not really. My explanation for the series/combination of typed characters is that Millie wants to talk, too.


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