Lonely Cha Cha

June 10, 2009 at 2:00 pm | Posted in 趣味生活/Smiles in Life, 寵物雜記/Pet Tales, 心情筆記/Journal | Leave a comment

Cha Cha knows that Mia’s gone. The first afternoon, he didn’t realize right away, but in the last few days since then, he often walks around her den and her favorite floor mat sniffing away. He’s also tried looking for her under my sofas. She used to chase him around the room and usually he’s end up cornered under the sofas, and then he’d get away only by jumping on to the sofa.

Last time, when Melody went away, he moved around the house meowing constantly. This time, he’s quieter, but it’s very obvious he misses Mia’s companionship. Mia loved to tackle Cha Cha to the floor and nibble on his ears. He’s so good-tempered though that he doesn’t scratch her or bite her. He just lets her nibble away for a few minutes until finally he can’t stand it anymore. Then he pushes her away his paws (claws withheld). If she continues, he dashes up the stairs to my loft.

Some days he’ll tease her, sitting on the second to the bottom step, just above Mis’a height. One day I even saw Cha Cha tap Mia on the head with his paw from his spot just above her. It’s fun watching them play with each other.


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