Baking Day

April 12, 2009 at 11:50 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal, 減重筆記簿/Weight Management | 2 Comments

I haven’t really done much baking since I left Canada. I have a small minature oven but I rarely use it. In fact, it was sitting for so long that I lent it to a nearby friend.

A few days ago, Betty asked me if it were possible to borrow the outdoor oven that Jenny’s family has to do some baking. They made arrangements and I was invited to tag along. By the time I arrived, in late afternoon, the girls (including two of Betty’s friends) were pretty much done. I ended up just hanging out with them as they bustled around.

The girls had so much fun they said they’d be back again to use it. Perhaps, next time we’ll bake cheesecakes for Jenny as she totally loves homemade cheesecakes. We also have in mind to bake 綠豆沙蛋黃酥 for Jenny.

After all the baking was done, we sat around in the outdoor patio, waiting for the mealtime rush to die down, sharing interesting background stories. The meal, as always, was a feast. I don’t think I’ve ever gone hungry at Jenny’s.

早: slept late, therefore skipped
午: vietnamese ham sandwich, 豆花
晚: 四個人一起吃,點了這些: curry chicken 法國麵包, 酸子蝦, 鮮蝦春捲, 沙爹河粉, 涼拌木瓜絲
水: 500 + 500 + 1000 + 250
運動: 走路20+10分



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  1. ooh..all your meals sound so appetizing ^^ yumyum.. and baking too? =O Sounds like fun!

    • I didn’t physically take part in baking this time. I only tagged along for the meal and the chit-chat with the girls.

      Dining out, the meals are usually interesting, but home-made, unless I have company, I usually have whatever’s easy to make.

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