I’m a busy busy bumble bee~

November 25, 2008 at 9:50 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | Leave a comment

And what am I up to these days?  Lots…

My new GEPT class started on the weekend.  Test prep part 2.  So I spent most of Thursday evening and Friday evening working on final preparations for that class as well as my Saturday afternoon convo class. 

Saturday went by quickly with the two classes one after the other.  I think both classes went quite smoothly though.

Saturday evening, after class, I had two surprise guests.  W had a bit of extra time on hand between projects, so he dropped by the Taipei Main area to have dinner with me.  Kitty, whom I thought I’d be seeing later on that night surprised me by showing up in the Taipei Main area as well soon after dinner.   So the three of us got drinks, some munchies and settled down to chat.  We stayed there til W had to go to his next project location and then Kitty and I went to get Kitty some dinner.  After that, we decided to go for a movie.  We saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua (比佛利拜金狗).  It’s such a cute movie!  I wanted to see a movie before I got buried away in the ocean of papers I have to mark for the GEPT class which runs all the way to Dec 21.

Sunday morning flew by with another GEPT class.  After class, I sent the students off to the mock test while I decided to go grocery shopping.  I hadn’t gone grocery shopping alone in a while, so I had to be careful in my selection otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bring it home. 

I was exhausted by the time I got home, so I decided to take a short nap.  That nap ended up running into evening.  Next thing I knew, it was after eight.  After giving Cha Cha his dinner, taking a shower, and watching a bit of TV, I settled for the night.  I think the extra rest did me well.  I felt more refreshed and ready for the new week.

Last night, after work, W joined me for dinner again.  We went to a hot pot place in GongGuan.  It was nice to enjoy a leisure and not rushed dinner with him.  Between the two of us, with both of our ever so busy schedule, it’s not easy sometimes.

The rest of this week will be a busy time for me also ’cause I have mock test papers to mark as well as homework essays to mark before my Sunday GEPT class. 

This coming Saturday, I have no class, but it will be a busy day.  My friend is getting married and I’ll be helping out a bit so I made sure I have the whole day set aside.  I’m hoping to be prepped for my Sunday class before then also. 

I’m so happy for Carolyn & Wayne!  Carolyn’s family is in town now, too, for the wedding, and I hope to be able to visit with them as well during their short stay in Taipei.  So much is happening and so fast also! 

At work, recently, my supervisor has been out of town, so I’ve also been busy with my extra side projects. 

Another upcoming event for me is I’ll be housesitting & dogsitting for Jenny’s family again for about a week in mid to late December.


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