Working towards a healthier me

October 22, 2008 at 7:10 am | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal, 減重筆記簿/Weight Management | 3 Comments

I think, it’s about time I look into changing myself. At least thinking of eating healthier, working out again; basically down to the basics, I need to lose the excess weight I’ve put on since I stopped working out about a year ago.

In terms of working out, I’m quite limited to options. If you have any ideas on any work out routines that I can do without straining my already injured knee, let me know.

My temporarily paused membership at the fitness centre resumes in mid December. With a doctor’s note I had postponed the membership for a year. I’m thinking, once I go back, I’ll be limited to what I can do there, but with the help of a trainer, I’m sure we can work out a routine that suits me.

I figure, at the same time, I can work on eating healthier. Less oily stuff, more veggies etc. Also, I’m paying more attention to my calorie intake.

I find, since I dine out with W more often, my meals are healthier options, too. So, that must be a plus as well. It’s amazing how people influence each other. I used to skip breakfast quite often, but now I try to make sure I have something even if just a cereal bar for breakfast.  I used to just grab anything as a filler for dinner near the cram school, but now, I tend to think more consciously that what I have for dinner is healthy for me. He loves veggies, so that means I’m getting a lot more veggie intake than I used to. I like my veggies, too, but it’s harder to get enough veggies when I often don’t even get actual proper meal.



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    多吃青菜 少油膩 少甜點 多運動
    為了避免膝蓋負荷太重 請到游泳池
    或有hot tub的地方做運動
    早睡早起 定時定量

  2. I do agree swimming will be a good option, since it won’t give you too much pressure on your knee while doing exercise. Glad that you like your veggies~ You got a healthy company ne ~ *smile =)

  3. I’ve been trying to ensure that I get lots of veggies and less oily/sweet stuff. I may have to postpone my workout plans though due to my recently aching knee. As for aqua-based exercises, I’m still looking into that.

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