Past few days

September 18, 2008 at 12:59 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | 1 Comment

The past few days have been like a rollercoaster ride; I have had ups and downs.

The past weekend, in celebration of the moon festival, we had Monday off as well so it was a relaxing long weekend. Nothing went according to what my original plans were due to the recent strong typhoon that came by. This one has been quite disastrous; I read in the news, a building built near the water toppled over, another location the bridge collapsed and at yet another, a tunnel caved in.

Instead of baking traditional moon festival treats as pictured below and enjoying a bbq in the moonlight as planned, I enjoyed a nice long Chinese movie on Sunday followed up with a feast at Jenny’s. Despite it being a typhoon day, the Hsin-yi District which includes the cinema as well as several department stores was quite crowded. Since our movie wasn’t until a few hours later, we went for a meal and window shopping around the area.

Monday I spent at home leisurely except for going out for tea with the gang. We played cards and a kind of Chinese checkers while munching on goodies. I must say, I’m not good at Chinese board games; in fact, I lost both times we played.

On Tuesday, some things happened at work which upset me. I won’t go into details. My back was also killing me.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I took two hours off on sick leave in the afternoon, I figure I needed a break. My back was aching and a headache had built up as well.

Well rested and with the aid of a nice back massage, I’m feeling a lot better today.

My schedule’s gonna start picking up soon with my GEPT (part 1) class starting on the weekend. I’ve been going in some evenings to prep for this class. After a few months away from teaching, I feel ready and unready at the same time.

Something to look forward to also, Chemmy & Kerry are coming to Taiwan next weekend. Chemmy arrives on Sunday and I believe Kerry arrives on Monday. It’ll be fun to get together with the girls again~ *excited*


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  1. I’m looking forward to see you and I’m very excited too =)

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