Hong Kong & Macau 2008 港澳遊記 Day 6

September 12, 2008 at 5:00 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal, 旅遊遊記/Travelogue | 2 Comments

Day 6 @ Hong Kong & Macau
Since I would be boarding the ferry for Macau to visit with Anna, Chemmy and I decided that we’d take the MTR to the ferry terminal and hang around that area waiting for afternoon. I found it quite interesting that the ferry terminal was located in a mall, or so it seemed. We went and purchased a ticket for the 4pm ferry to Macau and then found ourselves a nice restaurant to have brunch. After brunch, we settled ourselves comfortably in the couches of a cafe.

Shortly after three, we headed down to the entrance of the ferry terminal. We found out that we were early enough for me to be put on the 3:30pm ferry to Macau. It was smooth 70 minute ride to Macau. Going through immigrations from HK and into Macau was smooth also as I didn’t have to wait in the long line-up. From HK, I exited through the lane reseverved for diplomats, handicapped etc. Going into Macau, at first I didn’t see the reserved line, but when I spotted it, no one seemed to be in that line making me think it was not open. The gentleman behind the booth was real sweet. He had been waving other people from the next line to proceed to his booth. When he spotted me in front of him, he waved the next lady who had come forward away and motioned for me to come forward. Throughout my trip, I’ve been able to experience how people treat people that have special needs. To a normal person, standing in line is not much, but when you have a injured knee and can only stand on one with your weight on topped on one leg, it’s more than double the work.

Macau is known for their elegant and luxurious casino/hotels. Every casino/hotel has free shuttle buses available to take to/fro certain destination. Upon arriving in Macau, since I was early, I had to wait for Anna to get me. We took a free shuttle bus to a hotel/casino. We toured a bit inside. It was like walking around a palace. They even had a golden carriage on display and guards in fancy red uniform standing post. After our mini-tour, we took a taxi for a short trip to another hotel/casino called Sands to meet up with her husband for a buffet dinner. It was quite the feast. Afterwards, we went and played with the machines a bit, just to experience being in a casino.

Then we headed off home to Anna’s. Anna and her husband gave me a bit of an glimpse overview of Macau’s geography. It is made up of three islands connected together long bridges. The taxi culture is quite different from in Taiwan. Anna’s husband mentioned that the islands are small so the distances are short, yet if you catch a cab and the distance is short, the driver’s get upset and will mumble things about passengers traveling too short of a distance.

During this time, we found out that there was a typhoon enroute for the HK Macau area. We weren’t sure if it would affect us or not as I was still waiting for Jenny to arrive from HK the next night and we’d be taking the ferry back to HK together for her to catch the Friday night flight to Taipei. At this point, I was still planning to spend another night with Chemmy before flying out on Saturday night.

It was really nice to be able to hang out with Anna again. I’ve known her for about 15 years now, ever since she stood in line behind me on our high school orientation day.



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  1. 說到颱風 有一個大颱風就要來了
    如果不必要外出 就不要出去
    記得先儲存一些糧食諸如麵包和泡麵罐頭等等與水( 浴缸內)
    根據報導 這次是強烈颱風 可不要大意 中秋節快樂與平安

  2. 原本有的外出計畫也都取消了
    不要擔心 我不會亂跑的

    逢中秋 公司剛好也連休三天

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