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September 5, 2008 at 11:08 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | 1 Comment

A friend invited me to go with her to see the special art display that was still taking place at the National Museum of History located not far from where I live. So, taking the afternoon off from work, we headed off to see “Millet and his Time: Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay”. I’ve heard all summer about it, but hadn’t really thought of going because: one, I would have to walk a lot and walking was not on my list of favorite activities with my knee as such; two, there was an entrance fee; three, there’d be crowds of people and I’m really not fond of crowds and line-ups; four, most importantly, I felt ignorant going to an art display, I really don’t have much understanding of art. I think the only time I’ve been in an art gallery for the pure purpose of looking at art (paintings, etc) was when I was taking Fine Arts, one of the core requirements in university.

From what I understand, this collection on display is on loan from a museum in France. The display starts with paintings by similar artists of his time and photography which were taken about that time period. There’s even tv clippings put together so people can sit and watch the clippings to help understand the background of that time period better. 16 of Millet’s paintings are on display and you really can see how the shift in his artwork changes. It’s definitely worth seeing, but I greatly recommend doing some advance homework before going. At least do some reading. Personally, I did my reading on my PDA, but that helped me understand what I saw. And then reading the extra info beside each display item gave more details of the whole picture.

I did enjoy the display minus the crowd. I didn’t like the way people kept shoving in and out. I made it a point to just stay in one place until no one shoved me before I’d move on. I even gave a rude lady a glare and just plainly said, quit shoving.

When I finally walked out of the special display, I was kinda tired. Looking up I noticed a big sign that stated, with entrance ticket for the special display, I could also enter the historic museum, too. Being the cultural dummy, I had never been there. So, in I went. I walked through four floors of displays. Some floors had two to three theme galleries even.

Amongst them, my favorite were the fingerpainting display and the cane display. One artist was know for doing Chinese painting with his fingers as brush and they were really good paintings. Every painting was like it had its story to tell. The cane display was a collection of all kinds of canes or staffs. Some were normal cane for walking, but others had hidden gadgets. It was quite cool looking at them. I kept holding up my own blue cane to compare with the ones they had on display. I must say, mine was the only metalic blue one I’ve seen.

What I found really neat is upstairs in the museum there’s places to sit down, rest and/or chat. You look out the window and see the lotus pond just below. Next door to the museum is a botanical park, so it’s very thick with green plants. I sat overlooking the scene below for a while cause it was so soothing. Someday, I’ll walk out to take a walk through the park. Even better would be if I had someone to go with.


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