Hong Kong & Macau 2008 港澳遊記 行前準備 Pre-Trip Prep

August 30, 2008 at 2:33 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal, 旅遊遊記/Travelogue | Leave a comment

Pre-Trip @ Taipei
Thursday evening finds me hunting for a baggage that is smaller in size and easier to tow around.
By the time I finally settled for one, most of the evening had gone by and I hadn’t even shopped for goodies to take with me.

On Friday morning, I towed my luggage with me to work and everyone was curious and asked many questions.

After work on Friday, I made my way directly to the airport. I figured, I’d do my shopping for goodies at the airport, before checking in my luggage which weighed 10kg, too much for carry-on, but still far to go for maximum. I bought a few packs of different kinds of goodies for Chemmy and her family as well as Kitty’s relatives. I’d be meeting up with Kitty and joining up with her and her relatives for a few days before spending a few more days with Chemmy.

The sales lady at the airport shop was really sweet and helped me bundle everything into my luggage. It must have looked awkward to others but I really didn’t want to hand carry extra stuff and my luggage wasn’t nearly full anyways.

Next stop was the insurance counter, where I bought some travel insurance for the duration of my trip.

Finally, I was ready to check in and pick up my boarding pass. A ground attendant noticed me and waved me over for priority service. She put me in line for passengers who have checked-in online. I hadn’t, but it didn’t matter. I was thankful I didn’t need to go through the long line-up which might take a while. I got an aisle seat making it easy for me to stretch out my right leg.

Going to through immigrations and customs was quick too since they directed me towards the lane reserved for diplomats. How sweet of them.

I still had lots of time before boarding due to the smooth process so I browsed around a bit in the duty-free shops. I was so excited to finally be on my way~


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