Scrap Arts Music 敲鑼打鼓

August 8, 2008 at 11:49 pm | Posted in 心情筆記/Journal | Leave a comment

Yesterday, compliments of work, I picked up a ticket to a Friday night concert/performance called Scrap Arts Music. Honestly, when I picked it up I hadn’t a clue what kind of performance it was except it was music related. It was awesome~ It was quite the combination of drumming, ritual dances and skits all together performed using musical instruments made from scrap.

For a video footage of the program check out the New Aspect website and watch the preview. I’m guessing it will only be up for a few days since the performance only runs this weekend.

I thought the performance was fancinating. They had humor thrown in, too. Instruments were made of materials such as pipes, wires, fabric, tubes, balloons and many more. I think I even saw a lamp post made into a harp like instrument.

Another thing worth mentioning is I got a very special ticket. When I picked up the free VIP ticket I didn’t notice, but my ticket was 08-08-08-08-08. MH who went with me since she picked up the other ticket said I should buy a lottery ticket when I see a vendor. My ticket was dated, for the year 2008, August 08, and my seat number was row 08, seat 08. How unique that is~

VIP Ticket for Scrap Arts Music (08-08-08-08-08)

VIP Ticket for Scrap Arts Music (08-08-08-08-08)

Below is a Chinese description/review of the performers for Chinese readers~
《敲鑼打鼓SCRAP ARTS MUSIC》讓你所有感官都得到振奮!五位天才橫溢的樂手、強勁的原創音樂、令人眼前一亮的雕塑樂器、需要高度體能的動作,每次表演過後,總令觀眾意猶未盡!


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